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Why Your Head Needs Protection

When there's problem with the head, the entire body will know about it. If the head is irritated and dis-eased, the rest of the body experiences unrest and incapable of functioning optimally.

Psalm 23 paints a vivid picture of the relationship between the Shepherd and the flock. The author must have had a rich Shepherd resume. The Psalm is a metaphor casting God as the Shepherd and David as the sheep.

David was a man of many troubles. But he managed to stay sane. How did he do it?

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You have anointed and refreshed my head with oil...(Psalm 23:5, AMP).

Surrounded but protected

The flock is often out in the wild, haunted by wild beasts, and exposed to harsh weather. Under these unfavourable conditions, the flock must continue to move and find pasture and water.

Here is one truth that many people struggle to accept.

The Shepherd does not always eliminate the enemy. The Shepherd guarantees safety and provision even in the face of resistance, oppositions, and battles.

Instead of daydreaming about the day you will have zero problems or challenges, get yourself behind the Shepherd.

The oil of preservation

In the face of harsh and often hot weather, the flock could be buffeted by bugs. The discomfort can sometimes drive the sheep to hitting their heads against rocks with fatal outcomes.

A good Shepherd knows when to apply the oil therapy. The anointing of the head forms a barrier against those irritants with the torment and damage they often cause.

The anointing of the head is also useful as head-butt resistance, lessens the impact, and reduces the chances of fatal injuries during fights.

The Shepherd knows the sheep may also get entangled in bushes and locked down. The anointing on the head helps the sheep to slip out of those uncomfortable life-threatening situations.

Anointing for honourable guests

In Bible times, it was common for hosts to anoint their esteemed guests with oil perfumed with fragrant herbs and spices. Back in the day, this was an act of courtesy as a way of refreshing weary travellers. Jesus experienced this type of hospitality (Matthew 26:6-7).

Imagine God as your host, at "the place" where you return to, after all the harsh, dusty, and bumpy rides of your daily routine. He rolls out the red carpet and welcomes you to His banquet, after He had soothed your head with the sweet fragrance of His spirit. In this place, you are completely safe in the power of His presence.

Who needs the oil?

The oil soothes the head, refreshes, heals, and preserves. This is exactly what our heads need to thrive in our busy, noisy, and stressful world.

But you must be the "sheep of His pasture" and His special guest to benefit from the Shepherd’s head treatment.

If you need oil on your bruising, hurting, and weary head, ask Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd and He will come to your rescue.


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