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Are You Grateful for Your Goliaths?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A man standing in front of a mountain
Photo Credit: Wix Media

It is quite tempting to become bitter about the things that stood in our way or resisted us in one way or the other.

But some of those towering obstacles and challenges often become the way, and most times the only way to the next level.

Good to be afflicted?

David was one man in the Bible who knew how to turn adversities into advantages.

As a young boy, he was often isolated in the wilderness with only sheep as companions. He also had to learn how to fight off wild beasts from devouring the livestock in his custody.

"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; That I might learn thy statutes", David declared in Psalm 119 verse 71.

This is the attitude of champions - a winning mindset that guarantees emotional stability despite challenging experiences.

David knew that afflictions and challenges are temporary but the value they produce could be deployed over and over in many future situations.

For David, the afflictions of his youth were a tool he could use and reuse as his life evolved. David would later use his wilderness survival toolkit when he came face to face with Goliath.

What would have been an unpleasant childhood experience with disastrous consequences became a great advantage that David leaned into later in life.

Before the podium

Many people want fame and fortune. But few are willing to climb the mountain of hard work, rejection, disappointment, and delays. Many people want to live well and maintain loving relationships but dread the drudgery of the daily commitment to doing the things necessary to achieve their goals.

People dream about standing on the podium of achievement and greatness but are not willing to confront the giant standing in their way.

For David, overcoming Goliath was an opportunity. It was a stepping stone to greatness. Goliath was the platform that David needed to move forward.

Many people have walked away from their Goliaths. It is easier to turn away than to face the mountain-high level of challenges in front of you.

It could be difficult to see the laurels and glory behind the mountain of opposition to your dreams. This is most unfortunate because accolades, recognition, and glory only come after the giant has fallen.

An attitude of gratitude

A grateful man on top of a mountain
Image Credit: Wix Media

Be grateful for your Goliaths. You need them. Embrace the opportunity to fight for your dreams or whatever it is that you desire or care about in your life.

The fact that you have this giant of a problem standing in front of you only means one thing - you are standing on the edge of glory.

Like David, Goliath is the door to your greatness, and the key is in your hands.

We pray that God will give you the courage to face what is facing you and turn your adversities into opportunities and possibilities.

Remember, David was no match for Goliath. But David had God. Don't go alone when God is just a word of prayer away.


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