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Where Only Broken Men Can Go (Part 2)

A man walking into his new life
Image Credit: Reuben Mcfeeters in Unsplash

In Part 1 of this blog post based on Genesis 32, we saw how Jacob’s long history of deceit, fraud, and self-will came to an end in an all-night wrestling match with God.

As the new day dawned, Jacob walked with a limp. He was never the same again. He became limited in what he could do by himself and couldn't move without divine support.

Today we go further to see how the encounter changed Jacob and see how his life continued to change as recorded in Genesis 33.

The breaking and brokenness

The breaking of Jacob's joint was the only opportunity he had to be re-formed after God's pattern.

Brokenness still holds relevance for all stubborn wrestling hearts today.

It means submission of self-will to the will of God.  It means recognizing the limit of your abilities, trusting and relying on God’s unlimited grace.

Like Jacob, many of us would not willingly surrender. We will wrestle until sunrise and will need God by His mercies to break us into submission.

If God loves you, He will not only knock you out of the fight, but you will also have scars - a permanent reminder of the encounter.

Your scars or limp is evidence that you struggled with God for a long time, and God had to conquer you.

Your scarred tissue marks when you stopped relying on yourself and started depending on God.

It marks when human ability and craftiness fail, and you come to the end of yourself. It marks where confidence in the flesh failed, and the arm of flesh could not deliver.

Your scars are a reminder that it is not of him that wills or him that runs but God that shows mercy.


Broken but blessed

The broken Jacob was the best version of the man yet. He was broken but changed. Broken but with a new name, a new identity, and a new mandate.

From now onwards, Jacob would no longer be a man, but a nation.

As the new man arose on his limp to continue his journey, the sun began to rise on him.

The man is now broken, so God's grace can accompany him.

What a privilege to be broken but graced by God so that from now onwards, all the glory would be to God.


Broken to heal


When a man or woman is broken, God will melt the hearts of their stubborn enemies.

Relationships broken when we were hot-headed and hard-hearted can only be mended if we are broken.

Esau could recognize a transformed heart from afar off. He had mobilized a 400-man-strong army to welcome the man who robbed him of his birthright.

But Esau could see from a distance that the man coming to meet him was no longer the same as he expected. He walked with a limp. There was humility in his steps. He appeared to be more gentle and less threatening.

Esau went for a warm embrace. Years of bitterness had melted just because the man had been broken.

The other thing that happens when God breaks a man or woman is that they conquer territories with ease.

It's no longer by striving in the flesh but through God's power.

This was going to be the beginning of the new Jacob, a man whose family will cross biological lines and will be reckoned with for eternity.



The crafty and deceitful Jacob became a nation (Israel) when he came to the end of himself.

He couldn't fulfill his potential until God broke him.

He could have continued struggling if he hadn't realized that he was wrestling against God.

Many of us are stressed and stranded because we are stubbornly fighting instead of surrendering to God.

And many more are limping and broken with battle wounds. When they look at their scars, they are ashamed or angry.

If that is you, I want you to know that your scars are proof that the mercy of God preserved you for God's purposes.

You can arise and limp into a new life of blessing and peace.


Receive the grace to be transformed and emerge as a new person with fresh hopes.

If that is you, say a big Amen!


We would like to end today's post with prayer directions for specific people:


1. Those who have been wrestling and do not want to let go, pray for the grace to let go of the fight and surrender self, pride, arrogance, greed, and your lusty heart to God.

2. Those who have been broken but ashamed of their limp and scars, pray for the grace to come out of the shadows of the past and live in the newness of God's grace.

3. Those who feel they were not just merely touched on the hip but broken into pieces by the things they wrestled with, pray for the anointing of God to bring your dry bones back to life.

4. Those whose families are broken and need grace for forgiveness and restoration, pray for hearts to be healed and relationships restored.

5. Those who are fighting and attacking a broken limping man or woman in their lives, pray to understand what Esau saw that melted his heart and receive fresh grace to forgive.


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