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Where Only Broken Men Can Go (Part 1)

A man walking away from his past
Image Credit: Reuben Mcfeeters in Unsplash

Jacob's entire life as chronicled in the Bible book of Genesis was all about breaking protocols. The man couldn't just stay in line, or wait for his turn and time - even in the womb.

This obsession with outsmarting others and supplanting the establishment turned him into a fugitive. He had to run for his life after playing a fast one on his older brother, Esau.

He stole the birthright but lost his peace and family in the process.

While in exile, he couldn't stay out of trouble either.

We are taking our lessons today from the night before Jacob met his estranged brother, Esau as recorded in Genesis 32.

He had just made a peace deal with his father-in-law who had been outsmarted yet again by Jacob.

Just when it seemed all was well, he got into this wrestling match with a man who turned out to be God.  God came to him but the visitation turned into a fight.

How do you fight God and not know it? Who can battle with the Lord and live to tell the story?


Know your battles

Jacob was wrestling without even knowing what the fight was all about.

This was the problem with Jacob, and still the problem with many of us today.

You may be fighting so relentlessly without even knowing what the fight is all about, or who you are fighting.

Jacob kept on fighting and wouldn't let go. He thought he needed a blessing, but what God wanted was to change the man.

That encounter proved that it wasn't God who was holding Jacob from walking in the blessing.

Same way, what is holding you back is within you.

It is your ego. You tend to fight battles that you have picked by yourself and for yourself.

It is your lack of understanding of what to hold on to and what to let go.

It is the lack of understanding of times, seasons, and the covenant your fathers had with God.


Know what the fight is about

You have been wrestling against the will and purpose of God for your life. The fight is between you and what God desires to make of you.

It is a fight between the ‘you’ that you want and the ‘you’ that God wants.

So how do you end this fruitless fight, Jacob or whatever is your name?

Daybreak beckons and the Lord must move on to more willing and yearning hearts.

Would you let go or would you that the Lord leaves you to your own devices?

The Lord had to put His finger on the hollow of Jacob's thigh, dislocating the joints. He would not leave Jacob stranded in his old deceitful, egoistic, and prideful self.

Know your opponent

But Jacob still wouldn't let go.

So God also gave him a new name. Jacob's identity has to be changed inside out. His name did not match his covenant promise.

And then Jacob did something he should have done all night. He made a simple request to his wrestling opponent, "Please tell me your name."

How do you know what you have been wrestling with all your life if you don't ask?

For the first time, Jacob looked beyond himself. He suddenly realized that he had been punching above his weight category.

By this time, Jacob was aware he wasn't just wrestling a man. He had seen the face of God.

He finally knew that he had been messing around with his maker and was mercifully spared from destruction.

This is a new man. A broken man. Knocked out, surrendered, and humbled.

Only such a man can walk in the covenant of God's blessing.

God will not fulfill the covenant any other way. The covenant cannot be sustained by deception and fraud.


To be continued. Click here for Part 2.


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