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When the present invalidates the past

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Gideon struggled to believe in a God that is almighty and all-powerful. What would you expect from a young man living under an oppressive alliance of nations that have taken his entire nation hostage?

For the young men of Gideon’s generation, it was a great contradiction. Their parents told them about a mighty God who did wonders in times past. Theirs was a nation rich in history of the wonder-working power of God. Talk about the great power showdown in Egypt, the miraculous escape from over 400 years of slavery, preservation in the wilderness, the red sea parting, the manna – angels’ food, water gushing out from the rock, and many more signs and wonders that marked the nation’s 40 years journey through the wilderness.

But the story was not quite the same anymore during Gideon’s generation. All they saw around them were the fingers of the enemy around their economic and social lives. There was hardly any sign of the divine in their current situation.

According to the book of Judges Chapter 6 verse 2, things got so bad that the people had to seek refuge in strange desolate places – mountain clefts, caves, and strongholds.

New realities, same God, and same power

Are we not like Gideon sometimes? Our realities do not always align with expectations. Sometimes, our history cast a shadow on our present, leaving us frustrated and dejected.

What is interesting about this situation as was in the days of Gideon is still true today.

And that is the fact that our unpleasant situations do not erase God’s wondrous past. Certainly, God has not become less powerful than he was in times past.

Again, this is another Bible story that shows that God hears the cry of his people. He sees your struggles; he feels your pains and he is seeing those silent tears.

The good news is that when God shows up, he produces extraordinary results from the ordinary. In Judges Chapter 6 verse 12, the angel of the Lord greeted Gideon saying… “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.” Gideon was surprised to hear that there was any atom of greatness in him, considering what his circumstances would have him believe.

How can the Lord be with me with all that I am going through? That may be your question today. How can I be a mighty man and living in servitude, scarcity, austerity, or affliction of any kind?

A new perspective

God would not argue or debate Gideon’s predicament or invalidate his feelings. He went straight to the business of changing his life and nation. Gideon began to do exploits when he put on God’s perspective.

No situation is irredeemable if you agree with God. As it was with Gideon, God can turn things around for you, regardless of everything you have been through.

Prayer: Lord, I believe you, turn my situation around, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bible Reading: Judges 6: 1-14

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Photo Credit: D Grom in Unsplash

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