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What should I do with Jesus?

The Governor was really impressed with the man despite the railing accusations from the angry mob. He knew the man was innocent. The Governor also received an unsolicited second opinion from his wife who claimed to have had dream encounters related to the trial.

A conflicted soul

But Governor Pilate was fighting a different battle. He could not stand up for his convictions. It was the desire to please the crowd and keep his job or perhaps his own life.

If he offers the mob the choice between a violent criminal and Jesus he thought, the mob will make a rationale choice and Jesus would be spared from a certain death on the cross.

But he was surprised that the mob would rather have a criminal back on their streets than have the Son of God live among them casting out demons, healing the sick and raising the dead.

What do you want to do with Jesus?

The Governor was so consumed with his crowd-pleasing antics that he abdicated his decision-making power to a blood-thirsty mob. Barabbas is a free man, and the die is cast.

But the Governor still had a problem to deal with.

“Then what should I do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” he asked. Governor Pilate overruled his convictions, ignored the counsel of his wife, and succumbed to the misguided mob.

The mob promptly shouted back, “crucify him!”

This is not just a Bible story. It is the reality of our time. The mob has a firm grip on our ability to express our spirituality and worship God.

Popular culture encourages people to be themselves in every sense but spiritually.

The power of the mob is so great that we do not want our faith and convictions to be made public for fear of scrutiny or potential backlash. We blend with the crowd and adjust to align with public opinion.

The water that doesn't wash

When Governor Pilate washed his hands with water in front of the "crucify him" crowd, he thought he was exonerating himself from the guilt of miscarried justice.

The Governor washed his hands but tossed the Saviour out to face the mob; and they dragged, mocked, scourged, and eventually marched Him to Golgotha.

But can we absolve ourselves and pass the blame for our spiritual condition to our parents, the church, the society, or the devil? Can we deny our convictions, and blame others for our choices?

What do you say?

What would you do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?

"Crucify him!", they screamed.

You know he is righteous but wrongly accused by vile men instigated by an ungodly religious system.

If you were Governor Pilate, would you take a stand for Jesus, or would you fear the crowd and turn your back as the mob drag Him away?

I would ask you the same question Governor Pilate asked.

What would you do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?

What do YOU say?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to stand for you and with you, and wash me clean with your blood.

Bible Reading: Matt. 27:15-26

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