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The Mercifully 'Slow' Intervention

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Many people consider God an under-achiever or that He does not exist at all when things don't work out the exact way or time they prayed or wished for.

We expect God to show up immediately when we get into trouble and yank us out. And if God fails to promptly show up as expected, disappointment sets in.

This is not an entirely new problem.

When Jesus was on earth, the people were expecting a physical deliverer, a warrior or a superhero of sorts who would help them fight off their tyrannical occupying forces of oppression.

It is likely Jesus could have had far more followers if He had presented Himself as revolutionary with political or military objectives.

Even the folks who travelled with Him daily did not get it. “Lord, are you going to restore the kingdom to Israel?” (Acts 1:6), they asked.

The people wanted someone who could help their nation restore self-rule. They were fixated on physical, social, and political change.

Superman or God?

Our world is so broken, just like Israel of Jesus's day. Even people who don't believe in God would be happy if someone can quickly fix the mess.

Everyone expects God to constantly prove His power. We expect God to step in and put an immediate end to all the evil and misery in the world. We expect God to overrule the consequences of our collective choices as a society and step into the puddle to clean things up.

Certainly, God delivers people in trouble. Yes, He does.

At various points in life, God comes through with a helping hand. The type of hand that went out to a sinking Peter.

God's intervention could even be more dramatic. It could take the shape of a stormy sea and a fish helping redirect a reluctant preacher. Sometimes, God can even flex muscles like He did in Egypt with the plagues that broke a stubborn Pharaoh.

When it comes to fixing the many evils in our world today, many people are disappointed and frustrated by the lack of a similar dramatic display of divine might.

Coming soon: the intervention

God will certainly intervene in the exact manner many of us are expecting.

Just wait for it.

We are talking about a battle-ready heavenly brigade led by a commander that has eyes like a flame of fire, garments dipped in blood, and swords coming out of his mouth.

According to Revelations 19, the Messiah will return in the fulness of His power and might. At that time, He will be ready to occupy the earth and punish evil with ruthless precision.

But the problem is that by that time, it would be too late to choose sides.

C.S. Lewis said, “there is no use saying you choose to lie down when it has become impossible to stand up”.

If you don't accept Him as a dying Messiah, you certainly can't have Him as reigning Messiah.

If you don't know Him as the "lamb that was slain", you can't have anything to do with Him as the “lion of the tribe of Judah".

You are not being fair to yourself by calling on God to eradicate evil in the world when you are still on the wrong side of the fence.

By the time God is ready to execute vengeance against evil and the evil world as many people desires Him to do, there will only be enough time for folks to discover which side they have chosen all along.

The worth of God's delay

Noah held the door of the ark up for a while. Before it clamped shut, everyone had a fair chance and time to get in.

The value of God's delayed judgment is best measured in terms of salvation of souls (2 Peter 3:9).

The disruptive and all-conquering Messiah is holding back for the world (you and I) to enter the ark.

Just like it was two thousand years ago, Jesus is more interested in being your Lord and King than in overthrowing social and political systems.

You are His Messianic priority. He wants you on His side. But you are not on hHs side until He reigns in your life. Jesus must be Lord on a personal level if He must be your Saviour.

Are you ready to switch sides?

This offer will not remain open forever, and even if it does, you don't have forever to decide.

Please Lord, give me the wisdom to not take your grace period for granted. Help me to choose you every moment and every day of my life. Amen.

Photo Credit: Tyler Harris in Unsplash

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