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Sleeping in the Storm

If you have ever heard a sermon about how Jesus and His disciples got into a storm, you sure would remember the miracle. Perhaps, the emphasis of the sermon was the importance of having Jesus with you to help you take care of your troubles.

Storms are an inevitable part of human existence. You will experience storms whether you are with Jesus or not.

You may be doing exactly what God asked you to do or going where God asked you to go, and still encounter storms. You could have married someone you were convinced was God's will for you and still run into storms. You may have lived a godly life and still have troubles down the road.

Head above the water

Keeping your head safe during storms is key to survival. If your head is still above the water, there is hope you will make it. You need your head in a good place to navigate the storm.

Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with His head on a cushion (Mark 4:38, NLT). He found somewhere right in the middle of the storm to protect His head from the chaos around Him.

Sleeping in the storm does not mean denying the situation. Faith is not denial. Faith is confronting realities with a deeper reality.

When the disciples found Jesus sleeping at the back of the boat, there was no debate about whether there was a storm or not. The disciples were puzzled by Jesus’s timing for sleep but Jesus was more interested in exercising His authority and saving lives. He simply woke up and asked the storm to cease. He knew what to do, and had the courage to do it because He kept His head.

Go to the back of the boat!

Storms will come to everyone desiring to live and move forward in life. You may be going through one right now.

You may have done everything to stay afloat. You may have been tossed back and forth, and in turn tossed your stuff out to keep the boat light. Storms could lead to losses, but all you want is to get out in one piece. You may have exhausted yourself trying to push back the floods. You long for some kind of respite, an island, a rescue boat, or better still, an end to the storm.

The greatest challenge facing anyone in a storm is to keep their head so they know what to do next, or what not to do.

But one thing that can never fail in a storm is to call on Jesus, even when you think He has been sleeping on you. Call on Jesus even if you think He got you into the situation in the first place.

Dear Lord, help me to trust you during my storms. Teach me to be still so that I can see what you are doing in my storms, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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