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Don’t write yourself off

Have you ever attended a job interview and they asked you to explain why you believe you are the right candidate? Imagine sitting in front of the interview panel and giving them five reasons why you think you are not the right candidate.

You will think that is extreme. But we do that to ourselves in less obvious ways.

A man called Gideon was having a conversation with an angel about a special assignment that would transform Gideon’s family and nation (Judges 6:14). But Gideon was quick to remind the angel that he was the least of the men from the weakest clan in the land. What a job candidate!

Gideon’s response to this wonderful job offer would have cost him the job if he was dealing with a shrewd recruiter. But thank God, the one that sought his service was the Almighty God, the Merciful and Gracious one.


Self-defeating excuses rob people of opportunities. I am too young, I am too old, or too poor, too sick, or I was not born in the right county or country are common excuses that hold people down.

Being modest or honest is not equivalent to underselling yourself or accepting a lower valuation of your potentials.

Gideon had problems understanding where the strength that God told him to go with to face the enemy going to come from. This was because he could not see any evidence of strength around him.

Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs can manifest in more subtle ways. At times, people think they should feel certain level of power or attain certain levels of privileges to be qualified for blessings.

As far as God was concern, Gideon did not need to feel powerful to do remarkable things.


It does not matter how you feel about yourself or what you think are your limitations. Feelings come and go but God remains unchanged. If you feel inadequate, that’s not only normal but also indicates that you need God’s supernatural strength. If God says “I will be with you…(Judges 6:16), then be sure that he will surely be there, and you have all you need to be victorious.

The final say

The problem is that we often go out to face life with our own little strength, ignoring God. This is a costly mistake. When we step out without God, we are almost certainly going to expose our vulnerable side to our enemies and life challenges.

God is willing to be your ally – and a great one for that matter.

With God on your side, you are stronger and better than any opposition.

Open to him today and receive strength to do exploits in the name of Jesus. Amen.


Prayer: Dear God, I receive your strength for my life battles in the name of Jesus Christ.

Bible Reading: Judges 6:14-18

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Photo credit: Charles Chambila in Unsplash


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