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An awkward experience in the wilderness

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Moses had a life changing encounter at the back side of the wilderness. Moses was out on his daily routine when he saw a burning bush. It was an unusual experience in an unusual location.

If you take a familiar route to work every morning, what would you do if you come across such strange sight? Would you ignore the distraction and continue with your day?

We all have the tendency to push on and bypass anything that threatens our well laid out schedules. It does not have to be that dramatic. Your burning bush may be a gentle nudging in your heart. It may be a physical event. God is always trying to catch our attention.

Modern-day Moses

If Moses lived in our fast-paced generation like all of us, he would have missed the divine encounter.

Part of it could be that it might be a bit awkward to explain that you were late to work because you stopped by to watch a fire that was not burning down anything. What if your work colleagues think you are losing it? What if your friends think you are no longer ‘cool' by beginning to talk about angels, God, and all this spiritual stuff?

As a good corporate citizen, Moses would have also considered the health and safety implications of the fire and quickly called the fire service. He would have satisfied his conscience before carrying on with his busy day.

It’s all about looking

But Moses turned to look, he was curious to know why the bush was not burning down. He was sensitive enough to know that the situation might be awkward, but it was also unique and special. That is all God needed. God was not expecting Moses to go and help put out the fire.

When God saw that Moses was interested in ‘looking’, he called out to him from the burning bush.

God is still speaking from within our fires – situations, circumstances, and routines.

Many in our generation are seeing God at work but they would not turn to look. We have become so good at ‘looking away’ from God. We are a generation that is very reluctant to turn and see what God is showing to us or recognize what God is doing in our lives.

It was not the fire that God wanted to show Moses. It was God himself drawing Moses to himself.

Next time your schedule is interrupted, or your plans are not panning out as expected, I suggest you turn and look at God.

Prayer: Lord, help me to know when to turn to see what you want me to see - in my situation and daily life, in the name of Jesus.

Bible Reading: Exodus 3:1-4

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Photo credit: Patrick Konior in Unsplash

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